The freedom to transfer your funding anywhere

Transfer pricing compliance for startups. Automate with rebank in minutes, and get back to building your company.

Lots of moving parts adding complexity to your startup's financial operations.

Without Rebank: You don't know what international rules apply when moving money between your entities. Professional advice is vague and expensive and you don't want to become an expert.

Intercompany transfers suck.

Organized and clear financial operations - Rebank helps you sort out your messy financial operations

With Rebank: You transfer your funding and we take care of the paperwork. You're no longer distracted by admin and let our experts take care of intercompany agreements.

Back to building your company.

Trusted by world-class teams

A calculator and a delaware franchise tax sheet - rebank intercompany

Avoid expensive compliance mistakes

Our intercompany experts navigate the maze of international rules, so you don’t have to.

Create your country-specific documents in a few clicks, stay on top of intercompany agreements, and move funds in one place.

Your intercompany agreements on autopilot

Rebank provides the skills, expertise and functionality to take care of your intercompany transactions, without you having to become an expert or pay expensive legal fees for advice.

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two arrows representing currency exchange - rebank intercompany

Pricing designed for startups

Rebank is the only way to avoid large upfront legal fees and send funds using the real exchange rate thanks to our simple monthly price

“This is so helpful, and at least it didn’t cost us $4,500 with the lawyers!"
portrait of irsyad
Founder @ LiliumX
"It’s the most obvious/best value for us to move our money around, far better than what we have with our bank"
Rachel Mumford COO Anima Health profile pic - A calendar symbolizing the act of procrastination before sorting out your intercompany transfers - Rebank helps you simplify your intercompany transfers
COO @ Anima Health
A bag full of money - rebank intercompany

Fundraise complete - time to move funds

You’ve raised funding and money’s in the bank.

You want to transfer funds to your operating company and realise there are international rules you have to follow.

A sign pointing in all sorts of directions - rebank intercompany

Advice is confusing and

Your accountant and lawyer give you conflicting advice.

You eventually find the answer but you’re not confident that it’s right for your circumstances. You're wasting time.

a calendar showing december 23 and a clock - rebank intercompany

You can't pick a

You leave the problem unsolved, hoping it’ll fix itself as you grow.

You go back to growing your company but you worry about fines.

The freedom to run an international business while staying 100% compliant. Optional with any tier.

  • Avoid costly international compliance mistakes
  • Our international accounting experts answer all your questions
  • Automate your intercompany documentation
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Frequently asked questions

What is rebank?


Rebank is the single source of truth for startup finances.

Our dashboard combines business payments, international transfers, and lets you view existing banks with a single secure login.

You can make international payments and intercompany transfers in over 30 currencies using the real exchange rate.

Who is rebank intercompany for?


Rebank intercompany is for startups that have a corporate group.

If you have a holding company, a subsidiary or multiple companies across different countries, rebank can help you avoid expensive compliance mistakes when transferring funds between these entities.

If you have just one company for now - take a look at our main page instead.

How much time will it take?


Compared to working with your accountant or lawyer; an absolute minimum. We first schedule an introductory call with one of our experts so we can learn about your business (corporate structure, future plans, and general setup) and discuss all things related to intercompany transfers with you.

Once that's done, our rebank dashboard takes care of the rest. We solely work with founders so no legal or accounting knowledge is expected of you. If you're a company builder that just wants to get back to buildng your company - we’ve got you covered.

Can rebank do all my accounting?


No, intercompany transfers are our focus. Your annual accounts are best prepared by your accountant. Our product does also let you manage your business payments and helps you understand company spend

Do I have to send the transfers using rebank?


No. Because we analyse any historical transfers from your existing banks it doesn't matter where the transfers happened.

Once you start using rebank intercompany, we do recommend that you make new transfers using rebank, this means less paperwork for you and saves you money on fx rates. We're bank-agnostic though so you can stick with your existing bank.

What countries do you support?


Rebank intercompanies works for companies in any country that is not on a sanctions list 👀