Make rebank history

Now that we're automating transfer pricing & intercompany agreements for startups, our name no longer suits us.

There’s never a good time to change names but we’re optimistic that by getting our friends and customers involved we can come up with something even better. We want you to help us find a name that will represent us from now on.

As well as having the ultimate bragging rights of naming a startup, we'll give the top pick a cool prize, like an iPhone 14.
🎉 Excellent! Wishing you the best of luck.
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A few rules

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The name should hint at our focus: multi-entity finance and tax.
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The name should represent us and work across languages and cultures.
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It can’t be Taxy McTaxface.
Submissions accepted until Friday 16 June @ 4pm (GMT).
Our team will carefully review all entries and select a winner based on creativity, relevance, and appeal. On the chance the same name is submitted, the entry submitted first will be the winner of the prize. The winner will be announced after an internal process as soon as possible. Prizes include: Bragging rights, iPhone 14, Transfer Pricing discounts and more.
Help us find the perfect name for Rebank's exciting new chapter! Put on your thinking cap, put your best word forward, and showcase your ability to rise above AI-generated suggestions. Good luck, and may the best name win!