Your ultimate finance stack

Everything you need to succeed as a founder
One dashboard

A bird's eye view for high-flyers.

Avoid clunky, unusable banking UIs and get a clear view of total cash across multiple bank accounts, currencies and companies. See all our integrations.
Connect existing bank accounts
Search and categorise transactions across accounts
Sync with your accounting software

As soon as I connected my accounts and saw that I could see how much money my whole company had, that was a real hook for me.
Naz, Founder @ Onfolk

Metrics for companies that are off the charts.

Important financial metrics like revenue, monthly burn and runway are always live and at hand. Know your cash position and understand spend without the napkins.
Share monthly reports with investors
Compare one period against another
Check expenses against budgets
Metrics image

Oh my god, how did we live before?! We used to spend time doing this in a spreadsheet and its here and exactly the same number! Why didn't you tell us this before, its amazing!
Oleg, Founder @ Coinrule

Payment flows that actually pay off.

Hold 36+ currencies and pay bills, employees and contractors across the globe in minutes. Keep cash for longer and avoid sending money before you need to.
See how we compare to your bank.
Local and international payments
Schedule payments to be sent in the future
Save beneficiaries and pay them in batches
Get live exchange rates and transparent pricing
Payments image

We have a subsidiary in Europe, and rebank makes it 100x easier to send money to our subsidiary. It's faster, cheaper than Wise or bank-wires, and with a more transparent fee structure.
Ramiro, Founder @ Okteto

The bankwagon that’s worth jumping on.

Spend more time on company building and zero time sharing bank login credentials. Invite the team to submit payments for approval and give read-only access to your accountant.
Choose between different permission levels
One-click payment approvals
User payment approvals image

Big fan of the user account management customisation over and above what your out-of-the-bank's platform lets you do.
Rishi, Founder @ Lendwise

Legal fees and tax issues are now outlawed.

Moving investment funds overseas or transferring money between your companies always comes with legal and tax headaches. Let our experts handle the paperwork. Learn more.
Automate the creation of intercompany documentation
Get your questions answered by international accounting experts

Would recommend using this - very straightforward process and much cheaper than the quotes we got for transfer pricing from accountants.
Sarujan, Founder @ StudyStream

If over $5k, send Slack notification.

Get rebank notifications straight to your favourite work apps. Know when invoices have been paid, when funds have been received and when your balance is critically low.
Build custom triggers based on transaction amounts
Get a daily balance summary across all your accounts
Supported: Slack, SMS, WhatsApp, Email and Webhook
Slack, WhatsApp, Email, SMS icons

It's really helpful to know immediately in Slack when money comes in, so we can keep things moving without any delay.
Etienne, Founder @ Juno
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