Send £200k of payments anywhere in the world. Zero fees.

Get over £540 worth of credit on our Startup plan to kickstart your international growth.

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Int’l payments fee:
  • Transparent international payments
    Exchange 30+ currencies
  • Automated custom categories
    Categorise spend across all accounts
  • Hold funds in 30 currencies
Set up local currency wallets in seconds
  • Live spend insights
    Understand spend as it happens
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Int’l payments fee:
Everything in Startup, plus:
  • Enterprise-level international payments
    Exchange 30+ currencies at scale
  • Webhooks
    Send transactions and balances to your internal apps
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All tiers include

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Unlimited team members

Empower your team to make better decisions by easily sharing spend or transaction data. No more sharing SMS codes.

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Unlimited bank connections

Combine your banks, corporate cards, and accounting tool in one real-time dashboard. Add and remove tools as your company grows whilst keeping the same great experience.

Send dollars anywhere

Pay contractors in dollars, anywhere in the world. No more forced conversions, send whatever currency you want, directly to your supplier.

World-class security

We never store your bank credentials and all your information is protected through multiple layers of encryption.

Open a currency wallet in minutes

Every startup is an international startup now. With rebank you can sign up, open a currency wallet, and send payments in minutes.

Spend insights in real-time

Understand how your money is spent across all your accounts as it happens. Pick your own categories and rebank automates the rest.