12 days of payroll
reduced to 12 seconds
Yousif was spending 12 days a year processing payroll. The whole process now takes him a few seconds.
80% cheaper,
£500 saved monthly
Yousif looked at outsourcing payroll, but the costs were as a high as £10 per employee. Yousif now keeps control of his payroll.
Less admin,
more growth
The time saved allows Yousif to focus on productive tasks that contribute to Feast It’s continued growth.
Yousif Oghanna, Head of Finance
The process was great — definitely better than the usual pay run!

Feast It pay their entire team in just one click.

Our customer

Feast It was founded in 2016 by co-founders Digby Vollrath and Hugo Campbell and is now the UK’s leading event planning platform. With a background in the events industry, they’ve used their wealth of knowledge to handpick the best UK independent suppliers so that their customers can easily plan and manage their own events. They’ve done this so well, they’ve managed to raise over £9 million investment to date and are growing quickly with a team approaching 50 strong.

Nice one Feast It.

So what’s the problem?

All that growth means there is a large payroll to process every month. Keeping up with this growing success means that their Head of Finance, Yousif Oghanna, spends the best part of a day ensuring all salary payments go out on time and correctly.

This involves the torturous process of manually entering each employees details every single month in order to get all 50 salary payments out correctly and on time. Time he would rather focus elsewhere.

How we solved it for them

So when Yousif discovered that _rebank integrated with Xero and allowed batch payments, he decided to give it a go. After all, he’d been thinking about ways to streamline his payroll process to make it faster, easier and scalable.

To his surprise the process was stunningly simple. Complete payroll as normal through Xero (works with Quickbooks too).  All that’s left is a quick CSV file download and then a matter of dragging and dropping into rebank.

That’s really it. Click “send batch payment” and Yousif is done. Nothing to it. We even timed it. 12 seconds.

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