About us

You started your company to build something new, not to manage tedious corporate admin.

But multi-entity compliance and tax responsibilities are inescapable; getting it wrong can setback – or even kill - your company. Precious time is lost getting this right. And you’d rather ship product, hire exceptional people, and continue your global domination.

Working with hundreds of companies like yours (and founding our own) showed us how complex it is to run a default global company. We built Rebank because international expansion today is cumbersome. We want startups to expand internationally with the same confidence as a multinational but in a fraction of the time.

Rebank is the alternative to endless email chains with lawyers and accountants. We automate Intercompany and Transfer pricing agreements for multi-entity startups.

The team

Juan Andrade, Founder & CEO
George Arscott, Software Engineer
Ryan Content, Software Engineer
Leona Mondsee, Head of Finance & Legal
Samir Moussa, Software Engineer
Frank Silva, Community Manager
Simon White, Co-founder & CTO