About us

Why we are building rebank

You founded a startup to build products for your customers, not to manage finances for your company.

But budgeting, reporting, monitoring, payments, and transfers are inescapable responsibilities. You know getting it wrong can cost your company – or even kill it.

Yet getting it right takes precious time. And you’d rather build technology, ship product, recruit employees, meet customers, and grow revenue.

Working with hundreds of companies like yours (and founding our own) showed us how confusing it is to administer finances.

We built Rebank so founders like you can reclaim time by organizing financial applications, accounts, and payments in one place.

Rebank is the Chief Financial Operating System trusted by founders to organize, manage, and track finances: the ultimate finance stack you need to succeed.

The team

Juan Andrade, CEO and Co-founder
Simon White, CTO and Co-founder
Leona Mondsee, CFO
Musleh Khan, Senior Product Designer
Frank Silva, Growth Operations
Monika Vaiciule, Finance Manager
George Arscott, Software Engineer
Ryan Content, Software Engineer
Samir Moussa, Software Engineer