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Lawyers and accountants bill by the hour. They profit by prolonging your problem. We generate your documents immediately and charge a fixed fee instead.

Use cases

Leave local laws and tax compliance to us

You've just transferred money overseas from your US holding company to your UK subsidiary. But that's not enough. Every country has their own tax rules, so if you don't set up intercompany agreements, you'll likely face fines.

Get your intercompany agreements today. No headaches. No legal speak.
You have entities in multiple countries but moving money between them means following more rules and becoming a global tax expert. Don't spend time learning new laws.

We know what's right for your business, for every jurisdiction. You focus on new customers. We'll focus on the paperwork.
Your investors want to eliminate the risk of investing in you, so they'll want to know your books are solid during an audit. Don't give them a reason to pull out.

Get cash in the bank earlier and give confidence to your shareholders. We'll make sure all the boxes are ticked off.

What it means for companies

From early-stage companies to global corporations.

"It's not just doing the compliance — it's actually like, making me sleep. You're like, fixing my sleep, that's what you're doing."

Christopher Mjelde
Co-founder, Verdn

"Very useful for doing compliant intercompany transfers from US topco to UK opco."

Edmund Farrar
Co-founder, Oto

"This is so helpful, and at least it didn’t cost us extra time with the lawyers!"

Irsyad Khairil
Co-founder, LiliumX

"Would recommend using this - very straightforward process and much faster than the quotes we got for transfer pricing from accountants."

Sarujan Ranjan
Co-founder, StudyStream

"Extremely useful. We have a subsidiary in Europe, and Rebank makes it 100x easier to send money to our subsidiary."

Ramiro Berrelleza
Co-founder, Okteto

"It’s the most obvious/best value for us to move our money around, far better than what we have with our bank"

Rachel Mumford
Co-founder, Anima Health

"We just onboarded within 30 minutes over Zoom... Straightforward to do intercompany transfer from US to UK. Really top stuff!"

Oleg Giberstein
Co-founder, Coinrule
How it works

100% compliance
0% effort

Create your company structure

Map out your entities and upload corporate documents so we can get to know you.

Sync your financial data

Rebank works by securely connecting your existing data and monitoring financial activity

Access your intercompany documents

We generate your tailored agreements so you can quickly complete your intercompany admin

What you get

People and papers,
at your service

Intercompany docs for every transfer

Get compliant docs for every transfer you make between your entities.

Equity conversion agreements

Services agreements

Loan agreements

Transfers automagically identified

See your recent bank transactions and intercompany transfers.

24/7 Support

Speak to trusted, international accountants.

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Questions we get asked

What types of documents can I create?

You can create a variety of intercompany documents. These are agreements between different divisions, subsidiaries, or affiliated companies of the same organisation.

Examples include; Loan agreements, capital contribution agreements, services agreements, and local tax documents.

Can I customise the templates?

Yes, you can customise templates to match your company's branding and include any necessary fields.

Do you integrate with my accounting system?

Yes, we integrate with most accounting systems. For example, we can sync with Xero to identify your intercompany transfers and apply recharges.

Do I need to install anything?

No, all you need is a web browser.

I have a Delaware parent company. Are you experienced with this?

Yes we are. We understand the specific needs of companies with a US parent company in Delaware. As a YC company, we did a Delaware Flip, meaning we have a US parent company in Delaware, though we operate out of the UK.

Can you deal with my accountant?

We are happy to talk directly with your accountant and assist them in filing your company accounts correctly. We know that intercompany is a complex part of tax law which not many accountants understand.

Can I get my documents today?

Once we have all the information and answers we need, we can generate your documents immediately.

What is the penalty for not having agreements in place?

Penalties vary according to the relevant country’s laws, and can start at $10k or a % of your total income. Well worth avoiding!

Will you help me if I get audited?

We will assist you in any way we can.

Is there a limit on the number of documents I can create?

There is no limit on the number of documents you can create.

Do you need my financial data?

In order to provide you with accurate and compliant documents, we need a complete understanding of your business and how it operates. To speed this up we may request financial data such as bank statements, etc.

What happens to the documents after they are created?

The documents can be downloaded, printed, or shared. They’ll be securely stored in your rebank account too.

Is this secure?

Yes. We use multiple layers of security to protect your data, including encryption and multi-factor authentication.

What countries do you cover?

We cover every country that is not on a sanctions list.

I have a complex company structure, is this for me?

Yes, we can provide documents for every type of group company structure. If you want to discuss your requirements, then get in touch -

Can we put off intercompany agreements until we need to deal with a tax challenge?

You can, but you are putting your business at high risk, with possible fines and penalties from tax authorities around the world if you fail to provide and show proper corporate governance.

Can you backdate intercompany agreements?

Although not ideal, in cases where intercompany transfers or transactions have been made without documentation, we can assist in creating backdating documents to show you have tried to resolve the situation.